IFOF 2011 Program

November 19(Sat), 2011
Start  12:10
Severn, The voice of our children
Director : Jean-Paul Jaud
Language : French / English / Japanese / Subtitle : Japanese
image:Severn, The voice of our children "Stop the destruction of the earth if you do not know the way to repair it!". Seven Suzuki, who was 12 years old, made an appeal at the Earth Summit in 1992. 19 years later, she is now going to be a mother, and maintains that we should change our lifestyle in order to save the future of our children. This film gives warning to us, who give higher priority to economic growth than the lives of future generations. It focuses on several local people living in Japan and France who are concerned about the crisis of the planet.
Start  14:25
The Soil
45min./Korea/2008 Director : Lee, Eui-ho
Produce : Korean Educational Broadcasting System
Language: Korean / Subtitle : Japanese
image:Soil All the living on earth, as well as human being, are deeply connected with soil: clothing is coloured by soil; walls of houses are made with soil. The nests of sparrows and honey bees, and even the "houses" of bacteria are made of soil. This Korean film observes the wonderful drama under the ground through lens of cameras, and visualise the world of micro organisms. It shows that the fertile soil is produced by the activities of micro organisms.
Start  15:30
Director : HANABUSA Aya
Produce : Polepole Times Co., Ltd.
Language : Japanese
image:Island of Houri Iwaishima of Yamaguchi Prefecture is a small island located in the western part of Japan. The community of this island has been continuously supported by rich gifts from the sea for centuries. The construction plan of a nuclear power plant in the place 4 km away from the island has been a big challenge to the community since it was uncovered in 1982. People living in the island started their struggle against this plan by saying, "Our lives have been sustained by the sea and mountains. We cannot sell the source of our lives!". This film shows that these local people keep their traditional way of living considering the wellbeing of future generations.
Start   17:35
Buddha Weeps in Jadugoda
Director : Shriprakash
Language : English / Subtitle : Japanese
image:Buddha Weeps in Jadugoda This film describes indigenous people in Jadugoda located in the eastern part of India which is allegedly the place of Buddha's birth. The indigenous people suffered from radioactive contamination coming from uranium mines, and stood up against it. They acted for the right for their healthy lives. This film was first shown in 1999. People who watched it and were shocked by it sought to found the "Fund for the Sorrow of Buddha", and made the shelter for children who were badly affected by the mines. (the film was awarded the 8th Earth-Vision Prize.)
Start   19:35
Farmers Still do not Give up Sowing Seeds
Direction : KOIKE Natsumi
Production : IFOF
Language : Japanese
image:Soredemo Tane wo maku Organic farming does not work without the cyclical function of nature. It also does not work without the mutual relationship between producers, consumers, and the community. The Fukushima nuclear disaster caused by the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) this year violently destroyed the relationship, which had supported organic farming before. This film produced by the IFOF organizing group focuses on people who suffer from the nuclear disaster, but still do not give up sowing seeds. It shows how people who face great difficulties seek to recover the relationship, which is essential for organic farming.
November 20(Sun), 2011
Start   10:05
Scientist Under Attack
Director : Bertram Verhaag
Production : DENKmal-Films
Language : English / Subtitle : Japanese
image:Scientist Under Attack There are two distinguished scientists whose career as scientists has been totally destroyed. Because they questioned the safety of GMOs through their research, these scientists became targeted for attack by the biotechnology industries. Among research on GMOs, only 5% is independent from those bio-technological industries. This film shows that the freedom of scientific research and the democracy of our society are now in peril!
Start   11:10
Farmer to Farmer : The Truth About Gm Crops
Prezented & Narrated : Michael Hart
Edited : Pete Speller
Production : A hart Production Film
Language : English / Subtitle : Japanese
image:Farmer to Farmer Michel Hart is a farmer doing organic farming in England. He objected to GMOs when they were introduced in the market in 1996. Ten years later, he visited American farmers, and found out serious problems caused by GM plants which farmers are nowadays facing in the field. In this film, he reports negative effects of GM plants on non-GM plants and weeds, as well as on the environment and agricultural economies.
Start   13:30
Dirt! The Movie
Director : Bill Benenson, Gene Rosow
Production : Common Ground Media
Language : English / Subtitle : Japanese
image:Dirt! William B. Rogan says that recent disasters, such as flood, drought, climate change, and even the war, result from human being's failure to treat the dirt. This films shows that politics, economics, agriculture, environment, ecology, health, education, and arts are all closely related with the dirt. We will be unable to deal with the disasters without understanding the interrelationship.
Start   15:10
Life Running Out Of Control
Director : Bertram Verhaag
Production : DENKmal-Films
Language : English / Subtitle : Japanese
image:Life Running Out Of Control Scientists have attempted to alter the genes of animals, plants, and even human being since genetic engineering was developed in the middle of the 1980s and thereafter. Giant transnational corporations (TNCs) seek to utilize, patent, and commercialise every kind of genes on earth. Citizens who are concerned about genetic engineering act against the patent system, in which the monopoly of seeds and lives is legitimatised on the plea of intellectual property rights.
Start   18:00
The Message from Honey Bees
Director : IWASAKI Katutoshi
Language : Japanese
image:Message from Bee Last several years many Japanese beekeepers lost a large number of their bees. They realise that the death of their bees was caused by the use of new insecticide called "neonicotinoid". A number of investigation and research maintain that this insecticide has destructive effects on agricultural products including fruits, as well as honey bees. The recent survey also warns that this pesticide would damage the development of people's brain in their early years.
Start   19:30
My Farming Experience
Producer: FUKUMA Junko
Script/Direction: SHINOMIYA Tetsuo
Production: Sakura Motion Picture
Language : Japanese
image:Agriculture Experience
(c)Sakura Motion Picture
Farmers Mr. and Mrs. Watanabe living in Takahata Town of Yamagata Prefecture invite children who want to experience farming to their farm throughout the year. In the farm the students enjoy planting rice and weeding; they learn the traditional ways of ecological farming, and realise the value of natural environment and food. This film is full of warm exchange between students and farmers during the days of farming experience.

IFOF 2010 Program

November 27(Sat), 2010

Start  9:35
Water of Life for Afghan
- A challenge of 26th years of Peshawar-Kai
Plan : Peshawar-Kai
Produce : Nihon Denpa News Co.,Ltd.
Language : Japanese
image:Water of Life for AfghanPeshawar-Kai inaugulated in 1984 with Tetsu Nakamura MD as field director in Peshawar, Pakistan as medicaid organization. With the belief that most of the diseases are preventable and curable if there were water and food, they began digging wells which culminated to be over 1500 wells as well as building water canals for irrigation of total length reaching to 24km as a measure against draught. These projects created 600,000 jobs, reinstated over 100,000 farmers and revived 3000ha of farm field in the area where villagers had no other choices than to become refugees or mercenaries of military cliques or the US forces.

Start 10:50
Big River
Director : Curt Ellis
Producer : Curt Ellis, Aaron Woolf
Language: English / Subtitle: Japanese
image:Big RiverA serial of Peace Boy Award winning "King Corn", a film that depicted miscellaneous food and feed problems involved in corn business. In this serial, the film pursues other aspects of corn business, the effects and influences of pesticides and chemical fertilizers used in the corn fields. The film will ask what it means to use pesticides, where they go and what they do eventually. These two young men question modern agriculture and agri-business for what they leave behind as byproducts.

Start 11:27
Sea, Forest and Our Lives
Directir : SUZUKI Toshiaki
Produce : Pacific Asia Resource Center
Language : Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
image:Sea, Forest and Our LivesRecently, in the name of modern development, human actions have been destroying increasingly large swathes of the natural system on which we depend for food production and the continuation of life itself. The video features interviews with people who defy this trend by continuing to live in harmony with nature often against overwhelming forces. By listening directly to their experiences, we gain a valuable opportunity to learn more about the connections between humans and nature as well as between the workings of nature and ourselves.

Start 13:30
Seeds of Plenty, Seeds of Sorrow
Director : Manjira Datta
Produced : Media Workshop/TVE/BBC
Language : English / Subtitle : Japanese
image:Seeds of Plenty, Seeds of SorrowThe so called "Green Revolution" that saved famine stricken developing nations like India, is believed to be one of the most successful development strategies in the 20th century. This film depicts dark side of the Green Revolution looking back its 25 year history and questions who benefitted most. The miraculous increase of yield at the beginning of the Green Revolution in India declined while increasing the use of chemicals and pesticide poisoning. It also created a new serfdom. The miracle wheat variety had lived only for a short period of time.

Start 15:00
Percy Schmeiser - David gegen Monsanto
Director : Bertram Farehert
Produce : Denkmar Film
Language: English / Subtitle : Japanese
image:Percy SchmeiserThe rape seed fields of Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser was contaminated by GM seeds that have been blown in from track loads passing through his field. He lost seeds that he saved for 50 years and was sued by Monsanto, the GM seed developer, for infringement of their patent. The local court ruled that he pay compensation for damages. Monsanto kept an eye on him and his family to give them mental stresses. He and his wife did not succumb to their harassment and brought the case to the supreme court of Canada. There were some US farmers too who fought against Monsanto. What is it that Monsanto is after? What is it that kept farmers fighting against Goliath? And what was the verdict of the supreme court?

Start 16:30
Seed saver
Director : SAITO Reiko
Produce : Nagasaki Broadcasting Company
Language : Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
image:Seed saverFarmers who save seeds are rare in Japan. Mr. IWASAKI Masatoshi who lives in Unzen Nagasaki-shi saves over 80 varieties of seeds each year. After graduating agricultural high school, he started to work in his father's farm that used pesticides as any farmer would do in the area. When he was 30, however, he suddenly fell with his whole body become numb. The cause was unknown but he had an inkling that it was the pesticides. While he walked around in the woods for rehabilitation, he found and awe-inspired by how trees and miscellaneous lives co-existed, and how weeds drop their seeds securing next generation. "I wish to duplicate this in my farm" and his farming started afresh. The film depicts his one year activities in his farm.

Start 16:56
The secret of weed
Director : Lee, Eui-ho
Produce : Korean Educational Broadcasting System
Language: English / Subtitle : Japanese
image:The secret of weedThe weeds generally considered as useless nuisance are proved and shown to be enriching soil in this film. Weeds are worth just to be there growing. They come up in the Spring even though they look withered and dead the previous year. These are the some of the wonderful and mystic scenes as well as pollination and travelling of seeds. Weeds grow in the fields where crops fail to grow, and they can take up heavy metals and cleanse the soil recovering ecological system.

Start 17:55
Amanatsu of Minamata
Director : KOIKE Masato
Produce : Seirin-sha
Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
image:Amanatsu of Minamata
The Minamata disease deprived fishermen of their sea. Those fishermen, who lost their sea began growing Amanatu citrus with the determination that "victims as we are shall never be the victimizer", had reduced the use of pesticides from regular 18 times as instructed by JA to 3 times a year. Natural life returned and soil revived. A surprise came that some sprayed herbicides. Discussions ensued for several months in agony. They reached at a conclusion that they will not follow suit of Chisso who never disclosed anything, and that they will make everything open, thus they decided to accommodate the violators.

Start 19:10
Paddy field is our classroom!
Director : MATSUURA Masato
Produce : Yamagata Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
image:Paddy field is our classroom!The place is Niijuku Primary School in Takahata-machi, Okitama, Yamagata Prefecture, the town noted for organic agriculture movement. HOSHI Kanji, the leader of the movement, was concerned when he was a member of the board of education with the way education and agriculture is conducted, the way of the high economical growth, the way of "uniformity and mass production". He proposed to have a school farm and a young teacher IZAWA Ryoji shared the concern and began teaching agriculture, which was 30 years ago. Now that he is a school master of the Niijuku primary school, he set a goal of 50% self sufficiency in school lunch. The school farm is now giving children lessons of food, agriculture, local community and daily living activities.

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IFOF 2009 Program

November 27(Fri), 2009

Start  12:00
ABONG /Small Home
 Produced by: "ABONG/Small Home" Production Exhibition Committee
 Directed by: IMAIZUMI Koji
 Language: English, Tagalog / Subtitle: Japanese
Photo: ABONG/Small HomeThis is a story of a family of a migrant worker who is a Japanese descendant living in the mountainous area of Luzon, Philippines. Everyone in the world is working hard for their children but we are now losing sight of the fact that we all live by the gifts of other lives. This film poses a question " how and what really is it to live on this Earth? " This is a film of fairy tale of a family living in southern pacific island facing modern day challenges.
  >> Official site

Start 14:05
The Village Submerged
 Directed and Filmed by ONISHI Nobuo
 Planned and Produced by: MOTOHASHI Seiichi, Polepole Times Co., Ltd.
 Aid Fund by: Art and Culture Promotion Fund
 Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
Photo: A Story of a village that went under waterWater dam construction became hot issue among people of Tokuyama village in Gifu in 1957. Almost 1500 villagers had evacuated one after another to newly allocated site nearby but a few elderly people returned so as to live till the village went under the water. A photographer Nobuo Onishi frequently visited this village since his first visit in 1991 when he was fascinated by the way of living of old folks. The villagers had wisdom to value seasonal gifts of the nature. When the dam was completed, water began to web that no one could ever return to their homes again. This film is a record of 15 years with old folks and their close relationship with nature.

Start 17:05
All are gifts of the Nature, Weather-Mama of Western Aizu
 Planned and Produced by: USAGAWA Takashi
 Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
Photo: All are gifts of the Nature"Garden sowing season begins when rum buds are bulging" or "rain is not near when swallow flies high" are some of the phrases reminiscent of old days spoken by Ms Fumiko Suzuki known as a weather-Mama. She has been studying and practicing in her farm what her grandfather used to say about weather. Years of her keen interest and observation on plants and other creatures in the vicinity that is rich with nature in Nishi-Aizu in Fukushima prefecture has now made it possible for her to foretell the weather of as far ahead as a year away with 70-80% accuracy. She is full of love when she appears to be talking with animals and plants.

Start 19:00
A Farm with Future Vision
 Produced and directed by UCHIDA Kazuo
 Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
Photo: A Farm with Future VisionA year of document at Kirisato Farm located in Ogawa-machi in west Saitama pref. run by Yoshinori Kaneko, one of the founding fathers of modern organic agriculture in Japan. Kaneko gives hands on training to young interns of organic agriculture who live together for a year. After one year of internship, they depart to be farmers of future Japan with hopes and dreams.

November 28(Sat), 2009
Start 9:35
King Corn
 Director and Producer Aaron Woolf
 Cast & Co-producer; Ian Cheney, Curt Ellis
 Language: English / Subtitles: Japanese
Photo: King CornAll food is derived from corn…. Americans are made of corn. Two young men close on corn that is in almost all foods Americans eat. Their first move was to take up hands on experience of producing corn in a great corn producing state of Iowa and then to follow on its course to consumer plates. Through corn, the film reveals such issues Americans face today as monoculture, a large scale agriculture, a large scale animal industry, obesity and bio-ethanol.

Start 11:30
System of Rice Intensification (SRI)
 Produced by: Japan International Volunteer Center(JVC)
 Language: Lao / Subtitle: Japanese、English
Photo: System of Rice IntensificationRice shortage prevails in the villages of Laos for almost half a year. JVC is working to increase rice yield through improvement of rice culture technique called SRI which introduces a single young nursery planting system. It is aimed to remove heavy burden of expansive chemicals from farmers by turning them to organic farming.

Start 11:50
Seven Farmers in Laos
 Directed by: Tondam Pongbichet
 Produced by: Sustainable Agriculture & Environment Development Association(SAEDA)/ Lao Extension for Agriculture Project
 Language: Lao / Subtitle: Japanese
Photo: Seven Farmers in LaosMekong river runs into Laos and to the vicinity of capital city, carrying agro-chemical contaminated water from Thai and in the north from China. SAEDA, a NGO under the leadership of Tondam, is promoting organic farming without such chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The film shows farmers effort to revitalize traditional wisdom in the midst of rapid development.

Start 13:20
Rice; The Life of Asia
 Produced by: Pesticide Action Network Asia and Pacific(PAN)
 Language: English / Subtitle: Japanese
Photo: Rice; The Life of AsiaThis film depicts, through rice related festivals and ceremonies, how deep rice is rooted in the lives of people of Thai, Philippines, Indonesia, India and Bangladesh in their daily living, history, culture and environment. In the last half of the film, it shows how multinational corporations and governments are posing threat to people and small farmers in these countries by introducing high yield variety of rice that ravages farmlands, and the fights of farmers against such threat.

Start 15:45
This World is For All Life
 Planned & Filmed by KIKUCHI Shu, Edited by KAMEI Fumio
 Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
Photo: This World is For All LifeA documentary of garden creatures in Ohira Farm that turned from heavy chemical use to non-chemical farming. Ohira farm, a leading figure in national campaign for food production boost after the WW2, had lost the previous head of the family to chemical poisoning and his successor Hiroshi Ohira had almost lost his sight to the same cause. " We must go back to farming of old days "said his mother and that was the start of Hiroshi's soil building days. "Worms eat leaves, birds eat worms and birds leave shit that enriches soil and become nutrient for vegetable "says Hiroshi. All these living creatures are co-workers at his farm. This film is also a last message of a documentalist Fumio Kamei.
       (C)2009 Tokyo Shasin Kobo

Start 17:25
Beyond Organic The Vision of Fairview Garden
 Directed by John Graaf, Produced by Center for Urban Agriculture
 Language: English / Subtitle: Japanese
Photo: Beyond OrganicA documentary film of a young farmer in California Michael Ableman who struggled to keep his farm while a wave of urbanization brought new settlers all around the farm. Even though Ableman managed to calm down complaints and pressure from new neighbors to quit farming for the annoying smell of compost and cock crow by turning his farm into a hands-on learning center of real food for urban people, the land owner was in the process to sell the farmland to a housing developer. The farm was on the verge of closure when CSA members came to rescue and raised enough fund to keep the farm going as Non Profit Organization. This film shows possibilities of urban agriculture.

Start 18:45
Living Soil
 Planned by Natural Farming Research Center, MOA Production
 Produced by Sakura Films
 Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
Photo: Living SoilIssues of food and agriculture have direct impact on our health. The film gives scientific picture of "Living Soil" that produces healthy crops at farm managed by Kazuo Suka, a natural farmer who has succeeded in building such living soil. This is a priceless report of possibility of natural farming in contrast to modern agriculture system that is based on industrial view point. It also documents problems of modern agriculture and lessons learnt from them.

Start 19:45
Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil
 Produced by: Community Services, Inc.
 Directed by: Faith Morgan
 Language: English, Spanish / Subtitle: Japanese
 Trailer: http://www.powerofcommunity.org/
Photo: Power of CommunityWhen Cuba lost access to Soviet oil in the early 1990s, the country faced an immediate crisis-feeding the population-and an ongoing challenge: how to create a new low-energy society. Cuba transitioned from large, fossil-fuel intensive farming to small, less energy-intensive organic farms and urban gardens, and from a highly industrial society to a more sustainable one. This film tells story of the Cuban people's challenge to change their agriculture, industry, housing, education, medical care and energy without anyone lost for starvation or lack of medical attention even under the most severe economic climate. The keyword people found is " the Power of Community". Some day we all must face the peak oil where Cuban experience has a lot to tell.

IFOF 2008 Program

Ozaki -San of Frandon Farm School
73min. Japan 2006 / Japanese
Produced by Film production Committee
Collaborated by: Osaka Organic Agriculture Association, YMCA International High school
Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
Ozaki -San of Frandon Farm SchoolA documentary of an organic farmer of 30 years who advocate to be subsistent on a 30a(0.7 acre) farm. He grows and delivers vegetables to consumers with watchword of "life, material cycling and harmony." He built his own house with log and gives lectures every now and then. He directed and played a musical featuring MIYAZAWA Kenji's 'A pig at Flandon Farm School' with youths. The film depicts his light hearted way of living.

Bio-fuel Energy from cropland
31min. Japan 2007 / Japanese
Produced by: Pacific Asia Resources Centre (PARC)
Edited by: AMAGASA Keisuke
Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
Bio-fuelBio-fuel is being boosted as "environmentally sound" alternative energy. Its raw material is mostly from such crops as corn, sugarcane, palm, rapeseed resulting in increase of food price, expansion of plantation and giving heavy burden to the environment with its high dose of pesticide and GMO. The film documents the impact of bio-fuel and looks at ways to realize sustainable society thru recycling.

Non to GMO, A Message from France
28min. France 2004 / French , dubbed Japanese
Director: Suzanne Kurche
Language: French / dubbed Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
Non to GMOGenetically Modified Crops and Organic agriculture are incompatible, so insist organic farmers in France. Canadian farmer Percy Schmizer who is fighting back against gene giant Monsato says "if GMO enters into your field, the field becomes Monsanto's and not yours." He tells the world of the fact that GMO inhibits not only organic way of farming but also farmers themselves.

TANAKA Shozo - A Man Who Fought the Crime of Nation
98min. Japan 2006 / Japanese
Directed and Written by: IKEDA Hiroo
Planned by TANAKA Shozo Heritage Association
Produced by : TANAKA Shozo Documentary Production Committee
Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
Sekihin"True civilization destroys no mountain, river, village nor men" said TANAKA Shozo who fought for the peasants impoverished by damage from polluted water and rain as the upstream Ashio copper mine discharged pollution into the Watarase river which supplied irrigation water to downstream paddies. Japan then was driving to become rich and strong with least regards to lives of people. TANAKA Shozo led movement to stop operation of the mine and save those suffering and risked his life by making direct appeal to the Meiji emperor. This documentary is based on the record of his life and testimonies.

Asian Community in Action
20min. Japan/Nepal 2008 / English
Planned and Produced by: Asia Leader Fellowship Program 2006
Directed by : KAMATA Yoji (Japan), Kunda Dekishit(Nepal)
Subsidized by Japan Foundation
Language: English / Subtitle: Not Available
Asian Community in ActionThe documentary depicts innovative activities to revitalize local community by local people in Asia. It shows a movement to build community that cycle material locally with organic agriculture and biogas in Ogawa-machi in Saitama Prefecture, and a local community radio station that provides useful information such as vegetable price and health to rural area in Nepal.

One man, One cow, One planet
58min. NewZealand 2006 / English, Japanese subtitle
Director: Barbara/Thomas Burstine
Produced by Cloud South Films>> Trailer
Language: English / Subtitle: Japanese
Japanese subtitle by JOAA,Science division
One man, One cow, One planetModern Industrial agriculture is destroying the earth. Spread of desert, depletion of underground water, chemical pollution of food, marine ecosystem, soil, water and the air. Ecosystem of mother earth is creaking. Greed of human far exceeds what the earth can tolerate. This film delves into Indian farmers torment under multinational corporation's heavy handed GMO drive and follows what one old farmer's determination can do to save them with biodynamic farming.

The Land We Live - Farmers of Sanrizuka
38min. Japan 2003 / Japanese
Director: KUSUYAMA Tadayuki
Camera/Edit: NAGAKURA Tokuo
Production: Asia Dispatch
Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
The Land We LiveForty two years have passed since Government arbitrarily declared to build airport in Sanrizuka Narita. People still live on lands designated as airport zone farming with compost piles and processing factory of farm products. Above their roof, over 100 airplanes fly by everyday. Farmers' struggle to retain farm land continues. The roar of jet planes and the peaceful world of farming. The film shows beautiful farming scenes and conveys feelings of people live in the area.

Olive tree
24min. France 2007 / French, Japanese subtitle
Camera, Director: Eve Dusman
Produced by Solarium A.S.B.L
Language: French / Subtitle: Japanese
Japanese subtitle by IFOF
OliveTheir livelihood is becoming increasingly difficult as the Israeli occupation continues with the wall and embargo, Palestinian families harvest their olive which is a symbol and a testimony of their existence. This film introduces Palestinian Agriculture Reconstruction Committee, a NGO that supports Palestinian farmers with its oil press factory of the organic olive and distribute their product to France and Japan thru fare trade.

Healthy Soil - The impact of chemical overuse
46min. Korea 2001 / Korean, Japanese subtitle
Produced by: KBS(Korean Broadcasting System)
Director:Pak Jon Yon
Language: Korean / Subtitle: Japanese
Japanese subtitle by IFOF
Healthy SoilThe soil is suffering. Modern agriculture puts heavy dose of chemical fertilizer into soil and extensive damage is apparent in many ways. Unable to stand the excessive chemical nutrition, roses wither, rice stalks bend, peppers become festered by disease and roots rot. Soil hardened by accumulated salts. Micro-organisms disabled to function. This film shows Korean farmers tackling this devastation to restore healthy functions of their soil.

From the World of Soil
32min. Japan 1992 / Japanese
Planned: International Natural Farming Research and Development Centre
Produced: MOA production, Sakura Motion Picture
Editor: YOSIMOTO Tomotaka
Advisor: KIJIMA Toshio(Tochigi Agriculture Research Centre, FUJIWARA Toshirokuro(Kanagawa Horticulture Center), ARIE Chikara(Rikagaku Research Laboratory)
Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
From the World of SoilSoil nurtures plants which is the source of organic matter and is apparently the source of all life. The film shows us the making of rich soil by looking at how forest soil becomes rich where leaves fall to the surface of the grond and eaten up by insects and bacteria turning into soil. The world of soil is explored with electron microscope and low speed pictures.

Farmers of Life
100min. Japan 2006 / Japanese
Plan and Production: Sakura Motion Picture
Producer: MURAYAMA Hideyo
Directed & Edited by HARAMURA Masaki
Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
Farmers of LifeIn 1973 in Takahata town in Yamagata Pref., 38 young farmers who were not in agreement with modern agricultural practices formed "Takahata Organic Agriculture Association" and started farming organically. They were looked upon as odd guys sometimes with contempt by surrounding community and in many cases even by their own family members, for their way meant returning to hard labour of the past. They were cornered and nearly ostracized by their farming community over dispute of aerial application of pesticide. And what supported them to pursue their cause and saved them was the consumers in cities who were in terms of "know each other by face" with farmers.
There will be panel discussion with Takahata farmers after the show.

To Live on Earth - FUKUOKA Masanobu visits India
59min. Japan 1997 / Japanese
Director: IMAIZUMI Koji
Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
To Live on EarthA documentary video of Fukuoka's visit to India in 1997. No till continuous rice-wheat production and clay seed ball are explained for beginners.

IFOF 2007 Program

Future of Food
90min. USA 2004 / English, dubbed Japanese
Director: Deborah Koons Garcia
Produced by Lily Film
Japanese dubbed version by JAPAN ORGANIC AGRICULTURE ASSOCIATION, Science Div. 2006
Future of FoodFood system is exposed to unprecedented change with few realizing its impact. Corporate control of world food from farm to dining table is steadily growing. The most controversial issue is the genetic engineering which could jeopardize all creatures on earth and its environment. We must ask ourselves how regulations, agriculture , consumers, health, morality should be. There is growing interest in alternative ways such as small scale family farm and organic agriculture.

Natural Farming - The World of KAWAGUCHI Yosikazu
153min. Japan 1997 / Japanese
Director: KOIZUMI Shukichi
Produced by Group Gendai Films and Fiona
Natural FarmingThe World of Natural Farming which is sustainable without inflicting harm, non-polluting, destroying or killing. He says "All you need is provided by nature in perfect balance and its first step is No Till."

The Real Dirt on Farmer John
84min. USA 2005 / English , Japanese subtitle
Director; Tagart Siegel
Produced by Collective Eye >> Trailer
The Real Dirt on Farmer JohnThis is an eccentric Illinois Farmer John's biographical story. John is a typical hippie generation who turns his inherited farm into agricultural commune but is a bam for local people. But he knew instinctively the taste of soil. His unyielding farmer spirit, invigorated by Community Supported Agriculture overcomes heart breaks and gives hope to family farmers eroded by corporate farming.

Uncle Stone's Lotus Field
24min. Taiwan 2005 / English , Japanese subtitle
Director:Wang Ching-Ling, Chu Shiaw-Chyuan
Japanese subtitle by EARTH VISION Organization
Uncle Stone's Lotus FieldUncle Stone ,living in the outskirt of Taipei, would not give up using pesticide for his lotus plants. Zoologists are out on a rescue mission to save the pond's rare frog species from extinction.

The World of Soil
25min. Japan 1981 / Japanese
Director; ARAI Issaku
Produced by Maruta Citrus Farmers Co-op.
The World of SoilThis is the first ever visual film made of soil microbes. Millions and millions of micro-creatures found in tiny little bit of soil. It shows a wondrous chain of life of plants, minute insects and microbes. The film ask "What is it that humans are trying to kill" with the scene of crop dusting.
       (C)2009 Tokyo Syasin Kobo

Patent Pending
30min. India 1994 / English, dubbed Japanese
Director: Meera Dewan, Technical Supervisor: Vandana Shiva
South View Production
Japanese dubbed Version: Pacific Asia Resource Centre(PARC)
Save our SeedsIntellectual Property Right is granted to seeds and nurseries and one must pay Patent fee to corporations. The neem known and used in India for centuries as medicinal plant is now patented by an American who started to sell as pesticide. The film depicts female farmers who stood against it to protect their seed, food and life.

Orange Alert
28min. Thailand 2005 / English, Japanese subtitle
Director: Teena Amrit Gill
Japanese subtitle by EARTH VISION Organization
Orange AlertPesticides harmful to human health had been used in orchards in northern Thailand. The farmers took a stand to oppose the government's policy of encouraging pesticide use by growing pesticide-free produce.

Watch out your Vegitable
30min. Japan 2002 / Japanese
Produced by Pacific Asia Resource Centre(PARC)
Editing: OHNO Kazuoki, NISHIZAWA Emiko
Watch out your VegitableAre cheap imported vegetables really safe? What is the impact of transportation on environment? The film depicts intent of profit seeking Global Agri-buisiness and the reality of agriculture in Japan and asks how our food should be.

No more Dead Season
34min. Philippine 2006 / English, Japanese subtitle
Director: Boyette Rimban
Japanese subtitle by EARTH VISION Organization
No more Dead SeasonThe people of Negros Island in the Philippines were at the mercy of world economy when they were growing sugarcane. Today, the farmers are independent and work in harmony with nature growing organic bananas with the help of international support such as fair trade.

Salud! Habana Urban Agriculture Report from Cuba
34min. Japan 2006 / Japanese
Director; ISAKA Yasunari
Produced by Office Isaca
Salud! HabanaTwo million people in Havana City are self sufficient. Music, dance and baseball are not the only things of Cuba. It is now Urban Agriculture which is producing vegetables and fruits without pesticide on every available space in town to become self sufficient.

Pesticide Epidemic
38min. Japan 1967 / Japanese
Director: KOIZUMI Shukichi
Produced by Group Gendai Films
Pesticide EpidemicThe doctors at Saku General Hospital suspects organic mercury as the culprit of symptoms of suffering farmers. Local medical care that probes into cause and communicate the danger of pesticide to local people raises public concern. The question of the use of chemicals in agriculture as a matter of course is still valid today.

Japan's Lessons on the Economy and the Environment
30min. Japan 2007 / Japanese
Director: KAWAI Juka
Produced by TVE JAPAN
Japan's Lessons on the Economy and the EnvironmentHistorical record films of pesticide use in Japan tell us views surrounding pesticide and its impact on people. Also gives testimonies by people who work on pesticide issues.


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