Invitation to the International Film Festival on Organic Farming 2011

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On the opening of the 2011 International Film Festival on Organic Farming

  This year, we have finally come to celebrate our 5th International Film Festival on Organic Farming. I use the word 'finally' with various thoughts in mind. First of all, I am proud of our five years of achievements, considering the fact that none of the founding members had backgrounds in large organizations, nor had we the funds to start with. I am also happy to say that our Film Festival has inspired the formation of similar film festivals in other regions as well.

  Another factor that we should bear in mind is the monster earthquake which struck Eastern Japan on March 11th, and also the related events at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. These disastrous incidents make us consider making fundamental changes in our society's modus operandi, modus vivendi, and in our way of thinking. We are at the threshold of a myriad of risks to every living creature for the next decades and even centuries. The nuclear plant accidents have damaged the ecocycle that sustains the lives of all creatures, as well as affecting human relationships, and our coexistence with nature.

  Those accidents loom up as an obstruction to even the presence of organic farming, which has been nurtured with cooperative efforts by farmers and consumers. However, at the same time, we have come to realize that organic farming can alleviate some of the problems caused by this circumstance, since organic farming exists at the convergence of nature's cycles, man's interaction with nature, and human cultures and civilizations. Taking the frailties exposed by the March 11th disaster seriously, we intend to demonstrate that organic farming's practices, actions, and philosophy, as seen through this Film Festival, can aid the goal of human survival.

  With all those wishes in mind, we set the theme of the Organic Farming Film Festival as "Sowing seeds against all odds: Let's make a first step together."

September 2011
Executive Chief OHNO Kazuoki

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