Information : IFOF 2011

  • Date : November 19(Sat), 20(Sun) 2011

  • Place : Small Hall, Arts Building in Natinal Olympics Memorial Youth Center, Tokyo, Japan

  • Time :
    19(Sat) 12:00〜21:30 ( Open at 11:30 )
    20(Sun) 10:00〜20:00 ( Open at 9:30 )
  • Subscription:
    Each day : ¥1,800

  • Hosted by :
    International Film Festival on Organic Farming Executive Committee

  • Collaborator :

  • Registration and Obtaining Ticket
    For obtaining ticket and participating IFOF, please register with the following information.
        Your Name, Age, Address with postal code, phone number Purchasing Ticket: Contact us by E-mail ( ) by the end of October. When your registration is completed and ticket fee is remitted, a ticket will be sent to the address you registered.
    Registration will start from 1st of October.

Special Session 1:   19 SAT 20:10〜21:30
   Can we continue to do organic farming?
In this session five speakers who are committed to organic farming in different ways talk about what the nuclear accident has changed in their lives, what difficulties they are facing, and what they are going to do from now. They discuss issues, such as what is at stake in their commitment to organic farming and is it possible to continue to do organic farming.
Speakers: OHUCHI Shinichi (farmer, Fukishima), NAKAMURA Kazuo (farmer, Fukishima), FURUNO Takao (farmer, Fukuoka), NANNO Yukinobu (distributor), KAWATA Masaharu (researcher)
Special Session 2:   20 SUN 16:30-17:45
   Can Genetically Modified technologies coexist with organic farming?
Genetic Modified technologies transform genes of seeds and eggs, which are the source of lives; they also lead large corporations to expanding their control over the process of production, distribution, and consumption of food. These technologies are inconsistent with nature. On the other hand, people who are committed to organic farming seek to live in harmony with nature. Can GM technologies coexist with organic farming? In this session three speakers discuss the principles of organic farming through exchanges with the floor.
Speakers: FURUNO Takao (farmer, Fukuoka), TENMYO Nobihiro (farmer, Niigata), KAWATA Masaharu (researcher)
Special Session 3:   20 SUN 19:00-19:30
   What does the death of a massive number of bees imply?
The death of a massive number of bees which occurred in various parts of Japan last several years is estimated to result from new insecticide “neonicotinoid”, which is banned in some countries. This session begins by Tasaka Koa’s plain explanation on the insecticide. Then KISHI Fujio, a researcher working on bees, talk about the roles of bees in the ecosystem; he warn that the death of bees would badly destroy coexistence between bees and agriculture.
Speekers: KUSHI Fujio (researcher) , TASAKA Koa (researcher)


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