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International Film Festival on Organic Farming(IFOF) 2008

Peace rooted on soil

While food and agriculture is shakey the world over with the food price hike and by the tightening of free trade grip on agriculture, traditional agricultures developed and nurtured thru each regional climate and socio-economic conditions are now on the verge of collapse.

Farmers are being removed from their farmland and water resources by the onslaught of huge industrial agriculture that require heavy use of chemicals, pesticides and gene altered seeds.

So much the reality is threatening that the call for organic agriculture is growing ever greater. Amid the food crisis in April 2008, the international institution called “International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development(IAASTD) “ formed by UN agency, national governments, NGOs, and private corporations announced that the small scale organic farming is the way for 21st century for food production to ensure protection of society, economy and environment.

Every individual on this planet has right to live in peace and with dignity.
This right to reproduce themselves is not for humans alone but for all living creatures on this planet. Organic agriculture is the peaceful culmination of this right of existence.

The International Film Festival on Organic Farming(IFOF) was first held in November 2007 with support from many individuals and organizations. We hold IFOF 2008 with “Peace rooted on soil” as a theme in hope of rebuilding healthy farming and eating practices so that all living creatures can live in peace together.

Video Letter(Japanese)
Greeting from Executive Chief OHNO Kazuoki can be seen;

3min 7sec, 11.8MB

>> YouTube

Information : IFOF 2008

  • Date : November 16, 2008

  • Place: Central Building in Natinal Olympics Memorial Youth Center, Tokyo, Japan

  • Time : 9:00 - 21:00( Open at 8:40 )

  • Subscription; ¥2000.00

  • Hosted by :
    International Film Festival on Organic Farming Executive Committee/
    Tokyo Peace Film Club
  • Sponsors :
    Diet Member Council for Organic Agriculture, Asia Gakuin School, Meiji Gakuin Global Peace Institute, Japan Consumers Federation, Hooksalim(Korea)
  • Collaborator :
    Japan Organic Agriculture Association,
  • Supported by :
    Alter Trade Japan Ltd., Shumei Natural Farming Network,Kageyama Oil Refinary Ltd., International Natural Farming Research Centre, PAL System Coop., Sakura Citizen’s Network,Experimental Village for Global Challenges, Nanatumori Books Ltd., Commons Inc.

  • Special Feature 1: Room 309 19:50 - 21:00
    After the show of “Farmers of Life”, there will be a special talk by two farmers from Takahata , Yamagata Pref. where the “Farmers of Life” was filmed as well as question and answer session and discussion on ‘TEIKEI’ with floor after farmers talk.
  • Special Feature 2 : Room 416 13:00 – 13:30
    Lecture: ‘ Organic Agriculture is the Solution for Food Crisis.’
    TASAKA Koa, former principal of Asia Gakuin,and a specialist of organic phosphates, will speak on resolution reached by UN council on food and farming IAASTD. The council was held in April 2004 in South Africa attended by almost 60 country representatives and NGOs and declared that the organic agriculture is the farming method for 21st century.
  • Special Feature 3: Room 101 9:30 – 11:30
    In remembrance of FKUOKA Masanobu, the natural farming advocate who has passed on at 95 years of age on August 16th, a memorial talk will be given by the director IMAIZUMI Kouji on Fukuoka’s 1997 Teaching Tour in India

  • Programm leaflet (PDF)
    Front face 2.3MB

    Time table 1.8MB

    M. Fukuoka memorial program 1.75MB

IFOF 2008 Program

Ozaki -San of Frandon Farm School
73min. Japan 2006 / Japanese
Produced by Film production Committee
Collaborated by: Osaka Organic Agriculture Association, YMCA International High school
Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
Ozaki -San of Frandon Farm SchoolA documentary of an organic farmer of 30 years who advocate to be subsistent on a 30a(0.7 acre) farm. He grows and delivers vegetables to consumers with watchword of "life, material cycling and harmony." He built his own house with log and gives lectures every now and then. He directed and played a musical featuring MIYAZAWA Kenji's 'A pig at Flandon Farm School' with youths. The film depicts his light hearted way of living.

Bio-fuel Energy from cropland
31min. Japan 2007 / Japanese
Produced by: Pacific Asia Resources Centre (PARC)
Edited by: AMAGASA Keisuke
Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
Bio-fuelBio-fuel is being boosted as "environmentally sound" alternative energy. Its raw material is mostly from such crops as corn, sugarcane, palm, rapeseed resulting in increase of food price, expansion of plantation and giving heavy burden to the environment with its high dose of pesticide and GMO. The film documents the impact of bio-fuel and looks at ways to realize sustainable society thru recycling.

Non to GMO, A Message from France
28min. France 2004 / French , dubbed Japanese
Director: Suzanne Kurche
Language: French / dubbed Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
Non to GMOGenetically Modified Crops and Organic agriculture are incompatible, so insist organic farmers in France. Canadian farmer Percy Schmizer who is fighting back against gene giant Monsato says "if GMO enters into your field, the field becomes Monsanto's and not yours." He tells the world of the fact that GMO inhibits not only organic way of farming but also farmers themselves.

TANAKA Shozo - A Man Who Fought the Crime of Nation
98min. Japan 2006 / Japanese
Directed and Written by: IKEDA Hiroo
Planned by TANAKA Shozo Heritage Association
Produced by : TANAKA Shozo Documentary Production Committee
Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
Sekihin"True civilization destroys no mountain, river, village nor men" said TANAKA Shozo who fought for the peasants impoverished by damage from polluted water and rain as the upstream Ashio copper mine discharged pollution into the Watarase river which supplied irrigation water to downstream paddies. Japan then was driving to become rich and strong with least regards to lives of people. TANAKA Shozo led movement to stop operation of the mine and save those suffering and risked his life by making direct appeal to the Meiji emperor. This documentary is based on the record of his life and testimonies.

Asian Community in Action
20min. Japan/Nepal 2008 / English
Planned and Produced by: Asia Leader Fellowship Program 2006
Directed by : KAMATA Yoji (Japan), Kunda Dekishit(Nepal)
Subsidized by Japan Foundation
Language: English / Subtitle: Not Available
Asian Community in ActionThe documentary depicts innovative activities to revitalize local community by local people in Asia. It shows a movement to build community that cycle material locally with organic agriculture and biogas in Ogawa-machi in Saitama Prefecture, and a local community radio station that provides useful information such as vegetable price and health to rural area in Nepal.

One man, One cow, One planet
58min. NewZealand 2006 / English, Japanese subtitle
Director: Barbara/Thomas Burstine
Produced by Cloud South Films>> Trailer
Language: English / Subtitle: Japanese
Japanese subtitle by JOAA,Science division
One man, One cow, One planetModern Industrial agriculture is destroying the earth. Spread of desert, depletion of underground water, chemical pollution of food, marine ecosystem, soil, water and the air. Ecosystem of mother earth is creaking. Greed of human far exceeds what the earth can tolerate. This film delves into Indian farmers torment under multinational corporation's heavy handed GMO drive and follows what one old farmer's determination can do to save them with biodynamic farming.

The Land We Live - Farmers of Sanrizuka
38min. Japan 2003 / Japanese
Director: KUSUYAMA Tadayuki
Camera/Edit: NAGAKURA Tokuo
Production: Asia Dispatch
Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
The Land We LiveForty two years have passed since Government arbitrarily declared to build airport in Sanrizuka Narita. People still live on lands designated as airport zone farming with compost piles and processing factory of farm products. Above their roof, over 100 airplanes fly by everyday. Farmers' struggle to retain farm land continues. The roar of jet planes and the peaceful world of farming. The film shows beautiful farming scenes and conveys feelings of people live in the area.

Olive tree
24min. France 2007 / French, Japanese subtitle
Camera, Director: Eve Dusman
Produced by Solarium A.S.B.L
Language: French / Subtitle: Japanese
Japanese subtitle by IFOF
OliveTheir livelihood is becoming increasingly difficult as the Israeli occupation continues with the wall and embargo, Palestinian families harvest their olive which is a symbol and a testimony of their existence. This film introduces Palestinian Agriculture Reconstruction Committee, a NGO that supports Palestinian farmers with its oil press factory of the organic olive and distribute their product to France and Japan thru fare trade.

Healthy Soil - The impact of chemical overuse
46min. Korea 2001 / Korean, Japanese subtitle
Produced by: KBS(Korean Broadcasting System)
Director:Pak Jon Yon
Language: Korean / Subtitle: Japanese
Japanese subtitle by IFOF
Healthy SoilThe soil is suffering. Modern agriculture puts heavy dose of chemical fertilizer into soil and extensive damage is apparent in many ways. Unable to stand the excessive chemical nutrition, roses wither, rice stalks bend, peppers become festered by disease and roots rot. Soil hardened by accumulated salts. Micro-organisms disabled to function. This film shows Korean farmers tackling this devastation to restore healthy functions of their soil.

From the World of Soil
32min. Japan 1992 / Japanese
Planned: International Natural Farming Research and Development Centre
Produced: MOA production, Sakura Motion Picture
Editor: YOSIMOTO Tomotaka
Advisor: KIJIMA Toshio(Tochigi Agriculture Research Centre, FUJIWARA Toshirokuro(Kanagawa Horticulture Center), ARIE Chikara(Rikagaku Research Laboratory)
Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
From the World of SoilSoil nurtures plants which is the source of organic matter and is apparently the source of all life. The film shows us the making of rich soil by looking at how forest soil becomes rich where leaves fall to the surface of the grond and eaten up by insects and bacteria turning into soil. The world of soil is explored with electron microscope and low speed pictures.

Farmers of Life
100min. Japan 2006 / Japanese
Plan and Production: Sakura Motion Picture
Producer: MURAYAMA Hideyo
Directed & Edited by HARAMURA Masaki
Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
Farmers of LifeIn 1973 in Takahata town in Yamagata Pref., 38 young farmers who were not in agreement with modern agricultural practices formed "Takahata Organic Agriculture Association" and started farming organically. They were looked upon as odd guys sometimes with contempt by surrounding community and in many cases even by their own family members, for their way meant returning to hard labour of the past. They were cornered and nearly ostracized by their farming community over dispute of aerial application of pesticide. And what supported them to pursue their cause and saved them was the consumers in cities who were in terms of "know each other by face" with farmers.
There will be panel discussion with Takahata farmers after the show.

To Live on Earth - FUKUOKA Masanobu visits India
59min. Japan 1997 / Japanese
Director: IMAIZUMI Koji
Language: Japanese / Subtitle: Not Available
To Live on EarthA documentary video of Fukuoka's visit to India in 1997. No till continuous rice-wheat production and clay seed ball are explained for beginners.

International Film Festival on Organic Farming(IFOF) 2007

Those who chosen to be 1%

We are in the midst of worldwide movement of transforming modern ways of chemical intensive farming that brought such problems as environmental pollution, health hazard, soil erosion, water pollution, endangering family farm, long distant transportation and monopoly of food system.

In the FAO report on "International Conference on Organic Agriculture and Food Security" May 2007, it is remarked that organic agriculture is potentially an effective measure in solving problems that have emerged as a result of modern food production systems. Among the advantages raised are; preserving agricultural community, safe nutritious and locally available food, sustainable farming by its biodiversity, bring about quality water and soil, balanced nutrition from consuming them which leads to health.

Towards the end of last year, Government of Japan enacted an Organic Agriculture Promotion Law which could become an epoch making step. Unfortunately, general perception of organic agriculture is a far cry with majority still harboring misunderstanding and its true value largely unrecognized. Organic produce in the market is estimated to be less than 1 % of total agricultural products.

In order to raise awareness, we formed executive committee by people who have various interest in organic agriculture to screen quality films relating to organic agriculture from all over the world throughout Japan.

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